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Comprehensive College Counseling from Freshman Year

Villa Maria’s Counseling Department takes a team approach.

School Counselor. Each student works with one school counselor for four years, who gets to know and understand her.

College Counselor. The student's college counselor joins the school counselor to help each student find the college that is the best fit for her.

Together the counseling team helps each student set and achieve her personal goals.

The results: The Class of 2020 earned $19.1 million in scholarships. They attend 64 colleges in 20 states and DC.


Villa Maria Releases School Re-opening Plan

Villa Maria Academy’s re-opening plans are based on these guiding principles:

Safety—Ensure the safety of all students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors to the maximum extent possible.

Mission—Provide the highest level education for our students within a community of care.

Continuity—Ensure continuity of operations so that activities and academics can continue with minimal disruption.

Flexibility—Be flexible and responsive to change.

Learn more on our Coronavirus Preparation and Policies page.

Download the Plan

• Sisterhood • Self-Expression • Opportunity • Leadership • Community • Service • Travel • Ready for the Future • Laughter • Friendship • Fun •


Upcoming Athletics Events

Monday, 9/28: Tennis away vs. St. Basil, 3:45 PM

Tuesday, 9/29: Golf, conference tournament at Northampton Valley Country Club, 2:30 PM

Wednesday, 9/30: Tennis away at Villa Joe, 3:45 PM

Thursday, 10/1: Golf, conference tournament at Northampton Valley Country Club, 2:30 PM

Friday, 10/2: Tennis home vs. Mount St. Joseph, 3:45 PM

Athletics Health and Safety Plan Posted

Download the updated Athletic Health and Safety Plan (8.26.20). This document provides recommendations for reopening of our athletic program during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The intention of these recommendations is to keep our student athletes, coaches, and community safe.

Consistent with our IHM charism and the IHM Congregation, Villa Maria Academy High School supports our brothers and sisters of color and commit ourselves to pray and to work for a change of heart in all who harbor racism of any kind. We pray for Mr. George Floyd and for his family, and for our nation that we rid ourselves of discrimination, injustice, and violence and work for healing, mercy, and justice.


Printable Calendars

October 2020

September 2020

2020-2021 Calendar Overview (rev. Sept. 2, 2020)

2020-2021 VMAPA Activities and Events Calendar (revised Sept. 1, 2020)

Service Learning Schedule

Check the calendar for service opportunities.


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