Girls Visit Italy, France and England on VMA Summer Trip

A group from Villa Maria celebrated the start of summer with a twelve-day trip to Europe. The travelers began the trip by visiting multiple places in Italy: Venice, Verona, and the seaside town of Moneglia, where the ruins date back to the Middle Ages.

The girls followed the Mediterranean cost to Nice, France, the capital of the French Riviera, where they enjoyed a walking tour and free time to explore. After taking the TGV train to Paris, the group explored Montmartre and Notre Dame Cathedral, among other sites, and took an evening cruise along the Seine. While in France they also visited the Eiffel Tower and Versailles.

One unexpected highlight of the trip was meeting One Direction drummer Josh Devine during a trip to the Louvre. The musician posed for photos and chatted with the girls.

The trip finished with a stop in London, thanks to a train ride through the Chunnel. The girls toured the major sights of London, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Big Ben, and more.