Price and Demand Out on the Track

Students running around a track aren’t what normally come to mind when you think of an economics class. But Mrs. McNamara’s class is making connections between economic theory and reality in a hands-on way by working up a thirst before bidding on a cold drink.

Mrs. McNamara’s AP Microeconomics class was joined by Sr. Danielle Therese’s Theology 2 class on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 to participate in “Fitness Day.” Students met on the track for a vigorous workout and then were invited to participate in a live auction for an ice-cold bottle of water, arguably the perfect complement to a tough workout. The intent of the lesson was for students to gain a tactile experience in deriving the inverse relationship between price and quantity (of a good/service) demanded, as a kick-off activity to the AP students’ exploration of markets in action.