Students at Home in New Learning Commons

It’s not the typical high school library scene. One student is teaching her two classmates how to complete an Algebra problem on a whiteboard. Pockets of students are scattered about with earbuds in, iPads and texbooks out, working together and individually. Two televisions are playing September 11th programming in the background. All of this activity is surrounded by new, cool and comfy furnishings…oh books and laptops, of course!

But it’s just another day in VMA’s newly redone library, now known as the Learning Commons. Advisory period finds the room full of girls studying together, recharging iPads, and reading, with assistance provided by new librarian Melissa Norman.

“We’ve been back to school for less than two weeks and the library is already a popular place for the girls,” Ms. Norman said. “There are a variety of valuable resources available, but right now it is simply the ambiance that is bringing them in. It’s a comfortable and welcoming space where they can get some work done while spending time together. So far the freshmen are my biggest customers!”

The generosity of VMAPA and Villa parents played a large part in the renovation project. Donations received through FEST last year totaled $36,000, and made the inviting and productive space possible. It is great to see the students taking advantage of the opportunity from day one.

Parents are welcome to stop in and see the results of their generosity in person.