Halloween Fun on “Decade Day”

Villa girls brightened the halls with clever and colorful costumes for Halloween, and competed for cookie coupons at lunch time. Some of the staff got into the act as well. The entire Guidance Department followed a Peter Pan theme, with Ms. Leonhardt sporting a Captain Hook outfit.

At lunch time Mrs. McGuirk chose the best costumes, awarding coupons for cookies, fried or pretzels to the winners. Her favorites included Jesus and his Apostles, Noah and his animals, a Shark Week group, Christmas elves, and Awkward Family Photo, among others.

A few themes were popular, including “Jake from State Farm,” Shark Week, Scooby Doo, basketball players, and ’80s girls. The girls showed lots of creativity in their costumes, and entertained all of Villa with their spirit of fun. Happy Halloween!