Greg Prichard Addresses Public Speaking Classes

gregprichardDSC_8567wOn Tuesday, January 20th, Mr. Gregory Prichard visited Ms. Carey’s public speaking classes to offer his expertise on informative and persuasive speaking with the use of visual aids. After earning an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon and a master’s degree in Historic Preservation from Cornell, Greg wrote a thesis about the train stations of the Main Line; and has been lecturing to captivated audiences on this and other subjects relating to local history ever since.  Stressing the importance of good research skills and a speaker’s “confidence in the facts”, Greg imparted many valuable tips to the students; and even taught them a little about the history of Villa’s campus by showing them a picture of the “Green Tree” train station which once stood where the auxiliary student parking lot is now, across the street from the iron gate entrance to the campus.

Students look forward to more visiting speakers such as television broadcast meteorologist Katie Virtue (Villa class of ’99) and finance mogul Mary Jane Raymond (Villa graduate and President of the Alumnae Association) later in the semester.