Freshmen Design and Print 3D Objects

The freshman Computer Resources Class is learning to craft 3D objects. To begin the assignment, Dave Tribbett from Forgeables, a company that produces filament materials for 3D printers, visited to show printed samples and speak about the vast possibilities and scope of 3D printing. Dave has helped Villa set up its two MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D printers. This semester, he has also taught after-school classes for interested teachers on materials and methods in 3D printing, plus supplied Villa’s inventory of innovative filament materials. Mrs. Sweeney recently got training in 3D printing at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference in February to help set up this project.

Students are using TinkerCad, a website produced by AutoCAD plus Makerbot Desktop Software. Their first project is to create and print a simple monogram or name tag. The girls will look at the design merits/flaws of their work, then revise the designs.  Next they will create another simple object like a boat or car with movable parts. The last design will be for something useful and practical such as a grocery bag handle, lidded box, makeup holder, water bottle adapter, or bank.  Mrs. Sweeney said the students are enthusiastically enjoying the exploration of creating 3D projects.