Economics Students Present Findings

Students in Mrs. McNamara ‘s AP Microeconomics Class presented their design challenge ideas to a panel of administrators and alumnae mentors. Students are stewarding investments, the seed money for which was provided by an alumnae benefactor. Earnings will be channeled toward improvements around the campus, including lighting of the Central Avenue signage and the installation of water filtration stations.

Using the tools of economics analysis, students were able to identify projects that would have immediate impact and benefit to the campus community. Students remarked that they recognized the value in this type of assessment of their knowledge. Senior Megan Bradley noted, “I now see how valuable it is to my understanding of microeconomics to have the experience of having had to apply it to a real world situation.”

Students’ enthusiasm for these campus improvements has grown to the extent that in order to provide more water filtration stations, a specially designed Villa Maria CamelBak water bottle is for sale for $16. Orders placed in December have an early January delivery date.