Local Entrepreneur Discusses Labor Markets

Vince Willis discusses labor market with students

Vince Willis discusses labor marketVince Willis, incoming freshman dad (Olivia ’20) and local entrepreneur, spent time with Mrs. McNamara’s AP Microeconomics class to talk about the practical applications of the students’ study of the labor market. In an interactive discussion, Willis charted for the students a path for life success (that nicely dovetailed a similar message given by Dr. Carmen Ambar at last week’s career day) for “…doing what you love and doing it well. Separate yourself from others (in the labor force) by being the one who takes risks, learns from failure, and develops resiliency.”

Willis endorsed the merits of a liberal arts education, and underscored that message with data on salary potential and educational attainment. As Mrs. McNamara likes to remind the students, “Make your demand curve inelastic so that you will be in command of your future.”