Speaker Steve McClatchy Discusses Motivation and Decision Making with Freshmen and Sophomores

Sophomore and freshmen members of the Student Integrity Committee sponsored an inspiring presentation by Steve McClatchy, consultant and New York Times bestselling author. He talked to the freshmen and sophomores today about time management and good decision making.

In an engaging presentation that kept the girls both rapt and entertained, McClatchy discussed the two key motivations in accomplishing goals: moving toward gain — things you want to do — and preventing pain — things you have to do. McClatchy defined “have to” tasks as those jobs, like taking out the trash,  that “will find you” if left undone.

He discussed the role of fear in procrastination as a motivator, pointing out that the adrenaline that comes from the stress of procrastination gives people the energy to finish a task, but interferes with performance. So while adrenaline may help a person complete their work, if the task is new or especially challenging, the stress may prevent them from doing their best work.

He urged the girls to “move toward gain,” focusing on the desire to accomplish a goal. McClatchy said accomplishment of desired goals — even small ones — releases endorphins that “reward” a person for completing a task. McClatchy also talked about the useful aspects of setting “absolutes” in life, so that decision making is taken care of in advance.

McClatchy closed by discussing the importance of setting and writing down goals — like desired exam grades — before taking on the task. He urged the girls to create a vision for themselves and to keep moving towards it.

Website: alleer.com; Twitter: @stevemcclatchy