Students Compete in “Shark Tank”


Mr. Miles’ CP Economics class held its annual Shark Tank competition, modeled after the popular TV show. Student teams developed ideas for new products or services and wrote a business plan that they presented to their classmates. The business plan required students to use various economic concepts learned throughout the semester.  The class then acted as possible investors, asking questions about the plans and, at the end, voting for the Plan in which they would like to invest.

The business ideas were creative and fun. The winning team came up with a rear end sensor in the bumper that could sense when an a car behind yours is approaching at an unsafe speed that could cause a rear-end collision if it didn’t slow down.  The sensor would sound a very large siren or horn like sound to alert the approaching car.

wIMG_3512One student, Courtney Chambers, made a plan to expand a business she has already been running for several years. Courtney and afriend run a blog website, A Little Craft In Your Day, on everything crafty for the Millennial and Generation Z demographics, that she started when in grade school. The site has advertising and sponsored posts. She wrote a plan to describe how she wants to expand the business.

Another team invented a FitBit Baby concept that would provide parents with different types of information on their baby. A team made up of several of Villa’s state champion swimmers want to build an Olympic training facility on the east coast that would provide state of the art swim and fitness facilities that would attract world class swimmers to train.

One team came up with a ‘cozy’ that could both keep cold things cold and hot things hot by adjusting a temperature button on the product.  Can be used in the car or office/home. Another group wants to develop a new back pack that would have a pouch of helium in the bottom of it that would absorb the weight of a backpack so it feels lighter.