Field Day Fun Completes First Week of School

The girls of Villa Maria formed blue and white teams for an afternoon of field day games and a picnic. Squads rotated among the gym, the track and the convent lawn for friendly competition and a cookout lunch.

Blue Team took home the victory, edging out White across games that included water balloon toss, tug of war, cup stacking,  three-legged race, marshmallow catch, lug nut stacking, and more. The girls also enjoyed hamburgers and sides in the traditional opening week picnic.

The afternoon finished with a spirited game of Villa Family Feud. Representatives from each color team tried to answer Feud questions like, “What are your favorite Villa traditions,” and, “What are your most challenging subjects.” Girls then dismissed for a long Labor Day weekend, from which they will (hopefully!) return ready to dive into a new school year.