Diversity Committee Program Addresses Stress Management


The Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s “Stress and Success” event on Wednesday 2/22/17, tackled stress management, communication, and transitioning to adulthood. Developed by Committee Chairs Maggie McNamara, Sam diBona, Marci Carini and Kristin Thomas, the evening began with a keynote led by educational consultant Thom Stecher, who specializes in social emotional learning with academic achievement. Mr. Stecher addressed the need for positive human interactions (not technological ones) and promoting a culture of people that do not feed on negativity.

The 100+ participants, who included students, parents and teachers, rotated through the following breakout sessions:


  • Cutting the Cord/Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Recognizing Anxiety and Depression
  • Communicating Responsibly with Adults
  • The Role of Faith in Coping

Sr. Regina applauded the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for their excellent representation of student leadership in designing such a powerful and impactful program.