Holy Week Mass Altar Built from Stresses and Strengths

The Villa Maria community celebrated a Holy Week Mass with a unique and meaningful symbol on Wednesday before leaving for Easter break. The altar was constructed of cinder blocks and planks of wood marked by students with their cares and their blessings. The pieces were carried to the stage and the altar was constructed as the Music Ministry and student body sang Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.

At the end of March, wood planks and cinder blocks were placed in the chapel. Theology Classes visited the chapel and wrote their burdens, challenges and stresses on the pieces of wood.They wrote blessings and gifts on the cinder blocks — the “rocks” that sustain them during difficult times. The call to worship at Wednesday’s Mass referenced the altar:

Our Lenten Journey is coming to an end!
We’ve placed our burdens upon the wood of the cross!
We’ve given thanks for the blessings that sustain us!
We’ve prepared our hearts to celebrate God’s love!

Our burdens and our blessings
have become an Altar for the Lord.
Here at this Table,
we gather as the Body of Christ,
to love one another,
to create hope for one another,
to serve one another in faithfulness,
to prepare the way of the Lord!