Steve McClatchy Discusses Leading Relationships at Freshman and Sophomore Assembly

Consultant, motivational speaker, and Villa dad Steve McClatchy talked to the freshmen and sophomores about building and maintaining great relationships with important individuals in their lives. A very thought provoking and inspirational speaker, he kept the attention of not just students but also the faculty in the room. McClatchy had the girls play “rock, paper, scissors” against one another in an attempt to show how even if winning didn’t really matter, there was a natural feeling of satisfaction in victory, which fuels the competition found everywhere in life. He urged the girls to keep competition out of relationships because it does not belong there and will only lead a relationship to fall apart.

Mr. McClatchy is a motivational speaker and business consultant, founder of Alleer Training and Consulting, and the father of freshman Amy McClatchy and senior Grace McClatchy. His New York Times Best-Selling book Decide has been translated into 9 languages. His clients include Disney, Microsoft, Merck, Eagles, Steelers, and IKEA. Mr. McClatchy will be honored this year by the Big Brother Organization. He has a 30-year relationship with the “little brother” he met when he was a volunteer in college. His website is, and his Twitter name is @stevemcclatchy.