Seniors Reflect on Experiences at Restocking the Woodpile Event

Seniors literally sent memories up in smoke at a “Restocking the Woodpile” event on April 3. The class gathered at the end of the school day to reflect on what they had gained during their time at Villa Maria, and what they hoped to pass on to students.
The event was led by Alumnae Director Dee Ruley Person ’95, and English department chair Liz Donze Sandberg ’01. Both alumnae talked about their time at Villa, and how it had prepared them for the future.

Each senior wrote something that she valued about her Villa experience on a card, which she then tossed into the small fire pit sitting in the circle. The seniors will later write what they wish for the incoming freshman, and these cards will be used to decorate the campus during freshman orientation. After the ceremony the girls enjoyed refreshments and socializing around the circle.
The woodpile event asks seniors to think about their connection to the girls who will follow in their footsteps. It was inspired by this poem:

Each year, as travelers made their way
Through the wilderness,
They would stumble upon a certain cabin.
Here, a sign hung from the door.
“Welcome. What we have is yours to share.
Make use of what you find.
Take what you need. Eat, rest and be warm.
All we ask is that you
Restock the Woodpile
For those who follow.