Rachel Chen ’19 Accepted to Manhattan School of Music Pre-College

Rachel Chen acccepted itnto Manhattan Institute Precollege program

Villa Maria sophomore Rachel Chen has been accepted to the prestigious Manhattan School of Music Precollege program. The Manhattan School of Music is a conservatory located in the upper west side of Manhattan, two blocks from Columbia University. Music students from all over the world travel to the United States to study at The Manhattan School of Music.

Rachel, who plays violin, auditioned on May 20, and had a call-back audition on June 3rd. She has committed to attend the program next year, which means she will be traveling to NYC every Saturday. She will take a weekly private lesson, along with such classes as theory and ear training, orchestra, chorus, composition, conducting, and chamber groups.

Villa Maria Music Director Leah Kim said of Rachel, “We can not forget how much work it took her to get to this point. Countless hours of practice and dedication.  From the day Rachel arrived at Villa, she started with a simple “Twinkle Twinkle,” and persistently, consistently practiced and worked tremendously hard for this opportunity. This opportunity was given to Rachel because she said ‘yes’ to Villa.”