Statue of Mary Graces Marian Center Circle

The circle in front the Marian Center has been empty since the large tree that stood there for years died and had to be taken down last year. But thanks to the efforts of Facilities Director Zeke Spillane and the facilities team, and Guidance Counselor Dom Zampogna, the circle is now home to the statue of Mary and Jesus. The statue stands on a circular base designed and built by Mr. Spillane and Mr. Zampogna. The facilities crew surrounded the statue with spring flowers.

The statue, which originally stood in the Italian Gardens, is now placed at the very center of campus life. A statue of St. Joseph has been placed in the Gardens, near St. Joseph Hall, while Mary keeps watch on the Marian Center and Regina Mundi.

Thank you to all who were involved in the project that enriches the heart of the Villa Maria campus.