Parent Education Series Addresses Connection and Resilience

Noted presenter on social/emotional learning, Thom Stecher, and his colleagues Joanie Badyna, Alex Fizz, Scott Heydt, and Jessica McFarland, were well received at the parent education seminar they presented at Villa Maria on Wednesday, September 27. Over 100 Villa Maria families and faculty attended the first of two Parent Education evenings. Centered in his keynote address was a message encouraging both families and school to cultivate connection, belonging, resilience and respect. That message was spread throughout the 4 breakout sessionsIdentifying and Understanding the Dynamics of Parent and Student Stress; Developing Resiliency: Excellence ≠ Perfection; Managing Social Media; and, Feedback ≠ Judgment.

The second session will be for parents and students, and is scheduled for October 25, 2017. Sign up for the second session will be available the first week of October.