Seniors Prepare for the Work World at Business Etiquette Seminar

Seniors focused on job interview and interaction skills as they participated in the VMA Business Etiquette Conference. Dressed in business attire, members of the Class of 2018 followed a program designed by Villa alumna Karen McGuckin Spofford ’78, and staffed by other alumnae.

The day was structured like a real-world business seminar. The girls checked in and received name tags and folders with the day’s schedule, and attended an opening panel discussion and continental breakfast. The rest of the morning was spent in breakout sessions. The students rotated through presentations and exercises on Communication and Interviewing, Packaging Brand You, and Behavior and Body Language. The event ended with a white tablecloth business luncheon, where the students sat with the presenters and faculty members and practiced the communication and other skills they had learned in the morning sessions.

The seminar is designed to prepare the students for their Capstone program job shadowing in May, and help them feel self-confident as they interact in business settings. The girls all came to the day dressed for success in skirts, suits, or slacks, and the professional dress helped set a tone for the conference.

Thank you to the alumnae and all who presented and worked with the students: Laura Teta Cecconi ’02, Stephanie Nolan Deviney ’90, Danielle Rodichuk Donohue ’95, Krista Zaccaria Finegan ’90, Catherine Layne ’11, Lauren Murphy ’12, Katie Booth O’Leary ’97, Tessa Cleveland Scheurle ’03, Kristine Spano ’98, Karen McGurkin Spofford ’78, Jacqueline Colvin Toto ’95, Karen Waters ’76, and Sandra Sexton Wu.