Dr. Jean Twenge Presents Research on iGen, Social Media Usage

Jean Twenge, Ph.D., shared the findings of her groundbreaking research with students, parents and faculty during her recent presentations on campus on March 22 and 23. Dr. Twenge discussed the implications of  compelling longitudinal data that links trends in smart phone/social media usage to behavioral trends among what she labels the iGen, people born after 1995. Dr. Twenge’s substantial experience with generational data provided a healthy forum for an open exchange of ideas and thought-provoking conversations.

Several student activities were designed to coordinate with Dr. Twenge’s visit. After her student presentation, girls rotated through various activities designed to reinforce and examine the points made. The Student Integrity Committee culminated their “Social Media Black-Out Week” campaign with student-led debriefing sessions. And, Mrs. Michelle Black designed interactive activities for students and faculty to get them up, moving and living beyond social media use.

For additional information about Dr. Twenge and her research, please see www.jeantwenge.com.