Villa Maria Coders Compete at Widener

Seniors Abi Buckta, Annie Ni, and Winnie Wang competed at the 12th annual Widener University High School Programming Competition. Students competing in teams of two or three were asked to demonstrate their programming skills and problem solving abilities using the programming language of their choice. Villa’s team, which was competing for the first time, was the only all-girl team, and the only team from a non-public school.

Moderator Carol Sweeney, Villa’s computer science teacher, commented, “It was a great experience. The students felt they did their best for a first time experience. We successfully completed five interesting problems, while the winners, Owen J. Roberts School, won first place by completing all eight problems quickly.”

After the competition the team members were treated to lunch in Widener’s food court, followed by a presentation by Widener Professor Yun, who teaches database design. In addition, Widener seniors presented their research projects. One was building an Occulus VR game program, while the other working on an intership with the Navy researching small molecules in immunotherapy for cancer.

Overall, Mrs. Sweeney judged the day to be a success on many fronts for the programming students.