Surprise “Sorella Day” Celebrates Sisterhood

“Sorella” means “sister” in Italian, but at Villa Maria, it now means much more. The Executive Officers of the Student Council pulled off a huge surprise for the student body, creating and running the first annual Sorella Day. With the help of Madeleine Harkins, Director of Activities, Erin Finley, Ryan O’Rourke, Caroline Corr, Grace O’Connell, and Julianna Mattei ran an afternoon of dress up, scavenger hunts, hungry hippos, and dancing.

The event began after the May Procession liturgy had ended, when a screen lowered on the stage, and a touching and funny introductory video played (above). From there, the student body broke into pre-assigned groups and began rotating through the afternoon’s activities.

In the auditorium, teams had 15 minutes to create a “prom dress” using materials in a box of odds and ends. Each team’s model then paraded her outfit on stage, while faculty members acted as judges. The girls were very creative, making dresses from tin foil, beads, and netting, among other materials. In the gym, teams played hungry hippos using dollies and balloons, followed by dodge ball. Out on the track, teams formed for scavenger hunts in which they had to find items including a softball, a used coffee cup, a tab from a soda can, a signature from an alumna, and a pink ribbon.

The day closed with ice cream for everyone, and a dance party in the gym. With music blaring, students sang and danced their hearts out, celebrating the sisterhood, and the last full day for the Class of 2018.