Scholars Course Closes Year with Presentations

Freshmen in the Scholars I: Introduction to Authentic Research and Critical Reading course presented two original documentaries to parents and faculty on Thursday evening, June 5. Centering on the 2017-2018 school theme, “Feeding God’s Children,” the students investigated two topics: Hunger for Women’s Education in Afghanistan and Hunger  for Safety. The girls created the documentaries based on their extensive research, consulting more than two dozen sources and numerous personal interviews.

Among the audience members of current and future parents of the Scholars were special guests Ms. Wendy Summer, the founder of Roya Schools in Afghanistan, and Mrs. Helen Ryan Dobrowski ’04, a documentary producer who guided the students as they converted their written words into visuals. The class also thanked Mr. Steve McClatchy, Mr. Max Mitchell, and Ms. Lauren Bohn, who contributed to their research but were unable to attend the reception on June 5th.

Hunger for Youth Safety

VMA Scholars’ I: Introduction to Authentic Research and Critical Reading supports, supplements and extends the skills taught in other Grade 9 courses. Through individual and collaborative inquiry, students discover the contribution of multiple viewpoints, discern bias in various types of communication, recognize unreliable sources, and support opinions adequately and logically. The content and instruction of the course aims to enhance and further develop the following skills: critical thinking and reading; scholarly research, effective and responsible collaboration, written and oral communication and the formation of logical arguments. In addition, students explore the factors that influence the formation of decisions, and use inductive and deductive reasoning by studying a variety of sources drawn from literature, the media and pop culture. The students also discover the advantages and drawbacks of various forms of communication.