New Loop Driveway Connects Campus

The opening of school also marked the opening of Villa Maria’s new loop road, which brings families into the heart of the campus. The new road and sidewalks connect the St. Joseph’s Hall area of campus to the Regina Mundi side, and eases traffic flow on Central Avenue at drop off and pickup. The project also enlarged the parking area in front of the track, making more room for buses, and reconfigured visitor parking.

Traffic now flows in one direction from the St. Joseph entrance, around the driveway, and out at the Regina Mundi exit. Buses enter at the far end of the parking aread in front of the track, and exit the same way.

As the photos and video from the contractor show, a lot of the major work is now underground. Workers laid a bed of gravel and large pipes for water management in the area between the convent and the tennis courts. Although a number of trees had to be removed to make way for the wider drive, new trees and other landscaping will be planted in the fall as the weather allows.

Thanks go out to Villa’s Facilities Director Zeke Spillane and his crew, along with all the contractors, who worked hard in all kinds of weather to get the project completed in time for the opening of school. The road went from a giant hole in the ground to a great new loop driveway connecting all the buildings on campus in under three months!