Freshman Counseling Program Focuses on Building Connections and a Growth Mindset

The Villa Maria Counseling Department presented an experiential learning program for freshman on “Making Connections”, “Relationship Building”, and cultivating the “Growth Mindset.”

Thom Stecher and Associates, a network of educators, led the day. The group is dedicated to discovering, nurturing and enhancing the diverse talents of all learners. Jessie McFarland’s highly interactive theme focused on Connections, Relationship Building, and Growth Mindset. Students were up active and randomly teamed up to accomplish fun challenges. Skills on handling stress were also practiced.

Megan Walsh, an admission representative from West Chester University, came to share with the students ideas of how to “make high school count”. She emphasized many of the things they can be doing now so that the college process can be one of low stress and great exploration later. The students ended up stealing the show with one excellent question after another!

With the topics of stress, of the importance of meeting new people, and a better understanding of what the college process might entail, the energy shifted to laughter, intrigue, and fun. Mike Miller, a world- renowned magician put on a captivating show of magic and illusion. Villa freshman served as the “magician’s assistant” on a variety of clever tricks. The girls readily confirmed what many adults already knew – That Laughter truly is the best medicine!

The morning program was followed by sharing an afternoon of lunch, singing, tours, picture taking, and best of all, sharing the gift of “time” with grandparents and loved ones. All had a truly great day!