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Freshman “HOF” Group Plans Events

The 15 freshmen who came to Villa Maria as the only one from their elementary school have formed a group named HOF (Hall of Famers). Together they have taken over some upcoming events for their class.

Up first was the decorating of the freshmen Christmas tree in the lobby of the Marian Center. The goal of the class trees is to lift everyone’s holiday spirit, especially those who attend Carol and Ring and the Christmas Concert. The freshmen class color is teal, and that theme had to be evident on the tree.

HOF members and the freshman Christmas tree

HOF members and the freshman Christmas tree

HOF has also been busy planning a class Christmas Party for December 17. On December 7, each freshman received an envelope with the name of a classmate to whom they will be a Secret Santa. For 4 days students will leave clues about their identity, and perhaps some small treats, too. On the 17th the party will include the big “reveal.”