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Sophomore Parent Questionnaire

If you haven’t already, please take some time to send a brief reply to the Sophomore Parent Questionnaire email request. Your stories and reflections are both lovely to read and incredibly insightful. Your responses will help us in getting to know your daughter even better!

Feel free to use the following prompts for inspiration:

  1. Tell us about your daughter as an introduction to her school counselor.
    • Interests / talents / goals
    • Fears / stressors
    • Three words that best describe your daughter
    • When does your daughter seem happiest?
  2. How has your daughter’s high school experience been going?
  3. Tell us about your daughter’s academic history.
    • Academic strengths
    • Areas that need support and growth
    • Curriculum goals
  4. Is there anything your daughter’s school counselor should be aware of in addition to what you have shared above?

Please email your questionnaire responses to your daughter’s school counselor before Christmas Break.

Elizabeth Hashagen