Theatrical Design and Production Class Stages “The Curious Savage”

Students in the Theatrical Production and Design Course performed The Curious Savage by John Patrick on January 25 and 26. The class teaches literature, staging, acting, set design, and costuming, as students bring to life a full-scale theatrical production every fall semester.

According to Wikipedia: “[The Curious Savage] is a comedic play about Ethel P. Savage, an elderly woman whose husband recently died and left her approximately ten million dollars. Contrasting the kindness and loyalty of psychiatric patients with the avarice and vanity of ‘respectable’ public figures, it calls into question conventional definitions of sanity while lampooning celebrity culture. The play was first produced in New York by the Theatre Guild and Lewis & Young at the Martin Beck Theatre and opened October 24, 1950, with Lillian Gish in the role of Ethel.”