Easter Prayer Service Marks Mary’s Devotion to Her Son

Villa Maria closed the last day before Easter break with a beautiful prayer service called, “Journey with Mary, Mother of God.” The program focused on Mary’s role supporting her son Jesus Christ.

The ceremony included three Villa Maria staff members who have had children in the last year: Assistant Admissions Director Katie Vida, and faculty members Liz Sandberg and Michelle Black. The three women, holding their babies, shared their thoughts about motherhood, sacrifice, and their deep love for their children.

After meditating on how Christ’s mother suffered at her child’s suffering, the program turned to seeds of hope.

“The agonizing journey of Jesus and Mary does not end on Calvary! The silence of the tomb is the darkness that comes before the dawn! That glorious morning of Resurrection is a new Annunciation. Like Mary, WE are asked to bring Jesus to Life! Like Mary, WE can say “yes” to God! The promise of life is ours!”

Students staff then came forward with seed packets they had brought to the service, with each class planting seeds in a large pot that represented their class.

“I will plant my seeds under the shadow of the Cross! I will care for them  with tenderness that will take root in the soil of LOVE. I will protect them with diligence that will break open in the light and darkness of CREATIVE HOPE. I will wait for them in reverence to flower and bear fruit in the fullness of FIDELITY. Amen.”

The Villa Maria community wishes everyone a blessed Easter.