Math Class Presents Projects on Math in the Real World

Students in Ms. Broomell’s Honors Geometry class presented projects on math usage in the real world. Several girls highlighted the role of mathematics in space exploration, citing the work of Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who calculated orbit trajectories, and who was featured in the movie Hidden Figures.

Other students showed the importance of math in building roller coasters designed to minimize the stress of G forces, in creating atomic bombs, and in providing financial and marketing analysis.

Other students discussed the application of math in creative fields. One girl presented on the use of geometry in fashion, including methods for laying out patterns with as little fabric waste a possible. Another discussed how geometry is applied to sophisticated animation techniques.

Another student showed the occurrence of geometry in nature, explain the basics of the Fibonacci Sequence, and showing the class how it appears in nature in nautilus shells, sunflowers, and pine cones.