Villa Maria Celebrates Annual Graduation Traditions

Members of the Classes of 2019 and 2020 celebrated the beloved tradition and annual rite of passage known as Daisy Chain. The Class of 2020 carried the daisy chain onto the convent lawn to form a flowery 20, marking their transition to seniors. Members of the Class of 2019, dressed in caps and gowns, stood behind them as the juniors sang. Afterwards everyone processed into the gym for Senior Sing.

Parents and family members watched as each class sang to the seniors, with seniors answering with their own songs. The faculty sang their version of Change the World. The seniors finished with a song to their parents, their class song, and the Alma Mater.

Concluding the morning’s events, the seniors processed outside to the circle. The graduates counted up their years of education, concluding with a hat toss when they reached 2019. Afterwards, the girls and their families mingled and took photos. Congratulations graduates!