“Haunted Hallway” and Mimes Mark a Fun Halloween Day

Mimes, Nintendo characters, sports figures, babies, and other characters took over Villa Maria on Halloween, as students and staff came to school in costume. The entire senior class came dressed in the style of mime Marcel Marceau, and performed mime routines in the circle at lunch time. The Counseling Department dressed as nuns, and performed a musical number at lunch.

A highlight of the day was the Student Council’s Haunted Hallway. Students entered the “Villa Maria Infirmary” from the outside door by the circle, and walked through the darkened exhibit as scary clowns and medical horrors jumped out at them. The screams echoed down the Regina Mundi hallways throughout lunch!

Between classes, Halloween music played on the loudspeaker. Everyone finished the day filled with Halloween spirit and ready to go home and eat candy. Congratulations to the Student Council for setting up a fun day for everyone at Villa.