Theater Class Stages Treasure Island

Villa Maria’s Theatrical Production and Design class staged Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and adapted by Bryony Lavery. Students in the class, led by teacher Robert Cucinella, handled every aspect of the production, including lighting, costumes, and set design. The show was performed on the evenings of Friday, January 10, and Saturday, January 11.

In this adaptation, the narrator of this action-packed story is a girl. From “Robert Louis Stevensons swashbuckling [is]… a rousing new adaptation by Bryony Lavery. When a mysterious stranger and his treasure chest turn up on the steps of the Admiral Benbow Inn, Jim Hawkins doesnt realize she’s in for the adventure of her life. The stranger warns of a one-legged man and Jim finds herself on a daring voyage that will end at Treasure Island. Along the way she uncovers a mutiny, learns to navigate by the stars and meets the most fearsome pirate of them all, Long John Silver. Full of ships, parrots, treasure maps, and sea breezes, Treasure Island is for the young, the young in heart, and anyone who has ever dreamed of sailing under the Jolly Roger.”