Diversity and Inclusion Committee Presents “Conversation Not Had”

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee presented “Conversation Not Had,” an interactive assembly for the students and faculty that asked each person to consider questions of identity.

The theme for the presentation was, “I am because we are,” taken from the Zulu word “Ubuntu,” which means “humanity.”  Ubuntu is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.  The committee members wanted to highlight the idea that, “a person is a person through other persons.”

To begin, audience members were asked to stand when a group with which they identify was named. Categories included preferred music service, birth order, religion,  racial/ethnic/cultural heritage,  socioeconomic status, political ideology, parent education level, and more.

Two students from Malvern Prep joined Villa Maria students in sharing personal stories based on specific topics, including their names, body positivity, hair, racial and ethnic identity, mental health, and allyship.