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Counseling Department Offers Information Sessions During Shutdown

On April 21st at 7:00pm, Villa Maria parents were invited by the School Counseling department, to join a free webinar hosted by Minding Your Mind. The presenter, Minding Your Mind’s New England Clinical Director, Jon Mattleman, focused on the impact of Covid-19 on children. Over 1000 parents and caregivers learned in dynamic fashion about the teen/tween brain, why the pandemic is so difficult for this age group, and additionally he discussed issues that related to independence, autonomy, and privacy. Throughout the hour parents were reminded that “it’s ok to not be ok.” This is a normal response. Mattleman said that having the adults in their life acknowledge and validate what they are feeling will go a long way in helping them to cope.”  Be positive. Don’t judge. Don’t micro-manage. Listen.

On April 27th, Mrs. Elizabeth Hashagen, Director of School Counseling, invited parents to an evening “Counselor Coffee.” This was designed to share what others learned via the webinar or to simply exchange your tips on how you are doing at home with your Teens and Tweens as you Quarantine! Many thanks to those who were able to join us and for sharing your thoughts and experiences so openly. For those not able to attend please keep in mind that Mrs. Hashagen, Mr. Zampogna, and Mrs. Jeffries are available to you for all your counseling needs and for ongoing support to all you are doing.

Kristin Cortese