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Standardized Testing Update

Another area of uncertainty for current juniors is the standardized testing plan and how it will impact the college admission process for the Class of 2021. We’ve included the link to as a resource for schools who are changing their test optional policies for the upcoming school year and possibly beyond. With that said, we believe that having a solid test score to present to colleges is never a bad thing! Both the College Board and the ACT are working to provide testing opportunities as soon as possible for students. You can view the most recent SAT updates here: ACT updates are found here:

ACT had already intended to introduce two new options in September, online testing and single section testing. Those options will roll out this fall. Single section testing will enable students to work on raising one low section score, math for example, to boost the composite score. ACT will be recreating the composite to send to universities. A good question in a virtual session with a college representative would be: “Will you be honoring new composites on the ACT based on single section testing results?” It appears, for the most part, that the response will be yes, but it is always wise to check.

As of today, the June 13 administration of the ACT has not been cancelled. Villa will also be a test center for the July 18 administration. There’s a lot to be said for testing in the comfort of your own environment! The girls continue to have the opportunity to reach out to Mrs. Opdyke to work on both SAT and ACT prep, or to discuss the best options for testing in light of the new landscape.

Grace Opdyke