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Sophomores “Investigate”

Sophomore Seminar has begun for those 10th graders taking PE this semester. The “I” word guiding the curriculum is “INVESTIGATE.” The two main questions being explored are “Who Am I? and What Am I Capable Of?” Honing keen observation skills, better understanding preferences in myself and others, and how Attitude can determine results are just a few areas being INVESTIGATED.

The college counselors had an opportunity to connect with half of our Sophomores during seminar last week. We were very productive! Sophomore students are asked to take a few minutes to create a College Board account: . Students will use this account to access their PSAT scores which will be released on December 7th and 8th. Through their college board account, students will eventually register for SAT exams and send their SAT scores to colleges!

Sophomore students are also encouraged to do the following with their SCOIR accounts:

  • Add a profile picture
  • Invite a parent
  • Update Activities & Achievements
  • Complete YouScience
Domenic Zampogna