Fall All Stars Named

All Stars have been named in a number of fall sports.

Cross Country

AACA All Stars
  • Caroline Bell (1st Team)
  • Charlotte Fritz (1st Team)
  • Mary Cate Doughty (1st Team)
  • Christina Traficanti (2nd Team)
  • Madeline Kiester (2nd Team)
  • Anna Bagley (Honorable Mention)

Field Hockey

AACA All Stars
  • Maia Dechiario
  • Ryan Hickey
  • Lindsay Roberts
  • Annie Shaw
  • Gia Whalen
All State
  • Maia Dechiario – 1st Team All State
  • Gia Whalen –  1st Team All State
  • Caroline O’Brien –  2nd Team All State
  • Lindsay Roberts –   2nd Team All State
  • Annie Shaw – Honorable Mention All State


AACA All Stars
  • Elizabeth O’Connell
  • Riley Mulhern


AACA All Stars
  • Maddie Catania
  • Peyton Coron
  • Maddy George
  • Kaelyn Wolfe