Guitar Students Wish Villa Maria a Merry Christmas

The guitar students of Villa Maria offer their performance of “Happy Christmas War is Over” by John Lennon as a Christmas gift to the community.

Guitar teacher Mr. Dominic Mastrangelo helped the students learn their parts during their lessons either at school or online. After practicing for a number of weeks with various recordings they then recorded their individual parts.

The final song includes 13 different instrumental tracks and seven different vocal tracks. All of the parts were recorded with either an iPhone or an iPad using the microphone on those devices. Mr. Mastrangelo then mixed, produced and mastered the parts to the song that you hear. The movie was then made with pictures from the girls.

The musicians are: Micaela Shackleford – guitar,  vocal and harmony vocals; Sarah Gao – guitar and vocals; Bridget Duffy- electric guitar; Mickey Llang – guitar; Alexa Federico – guitar; Christina Garrity – guitar and vocals; Lauren Steltz – guitar and harmony vocals; Madeline Siriannia – guitar; Charlotte Fritz – guitar; Kaelyn Wolfe – guitar; Kelly O’Connor – guitar; Sophia Voorehees – guitar; and, Ruthanne Lally – viola.

Mr. Mastrangelo and the guitar students hope their song helps to add some JOY to your holiday!