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Junior Seminar Analyzes Admissions Decisions

In February, Junior Seminar continued to focus on helping students identify “why college” as opposed to “where college.” Topics included campus tours (the benefits of in-person and virtual tours), and learning more about the college search function on SCOIR.

We additionally talked about the other side of admissions, and gave students a chance to play the role of admissions counselors; learning more about how college admissions offices make decisions. This activity led to great conversations with the juniors about the many different factors that can play a role in application outcomes.

February concluded with conversations about current events on college campuses. Students brought in articles related to higher education that interested them and we had productive conversations about how this affects college admissions now and possibly in the future as well. Moving forward, we will be talking about course selection for senior year, and starting to discuss how to approach college admissions essays.

Additionally, we were happy to be able to proctor an SAT during “Ketchup Day” for our juniors.

Kristin Cortese