Publication Day Celebrates Yearbook, Magazine, Newspaper

The student body celebrated Publication Day on Monday, May 24. Students gathered on the convent lawn as the Reflections yearbook theme, Game On, was unveiled.

The event also recognized the publication of the annual literary magazine, Festival. The magazine’s theme, Villa Around the World, showcased travel photos, poems, and essays, calling back to pre-pandemic times when travel was unrestricted.

  • This year Villa also celebrated the fact that all three publications — Reflections, Festival, and the Villa Voice newspaper —were named Columbia Scholastic Press Association Annual Critique 2020 Gold Medalists!

The event was held on the convent lawn so that the entire student body and faculty could assemble. Many of the 2020 editors returned to celebrate the gold awards their publications had earned. The students also enjoyed a game of Villa Feud — faculty vs. students.

Congratulations to all the many students who contribute to Villa Maria’s three award-winning publications!