Land Development Engineers Address Engineering Class

Two staff engineers from Bohler Engineering spoke to Ms. Cronin’s engineering class about their work in land development engineering. Natalie Rosato and Erin Lalli shared with the class their enthusiasm for their work and company, and discussed the road each one took to becoming a land development engineer.

Bohler provides land development consulting and technical design services to owners and developers across all commercial, institutional, and residential markets. From early stage concepts to detailed project closeouts, we own our role in the development and construction process.

Ms. Rosato and Ms. Lalli explained to the students the multiple aspects of land development engineering: zoning, concept layouts, surveying, grading, storm water management, landscape architecture, and construction. “It’s really cool to drive by and see the things you helped build,” Ms. Rosato said.

The speakers, both recent college graduates, spoke with the class about their college majors and coursework, and how they came to choose land development as a career field. They also talked to the students about the many soft skills needed to be successful at work, stressing that writing and general communications skills are essential to success. Ms. Lalli urged the students to pursue a variety of extracurricular activities in college to help build these skills.

Both engineers discussed the role of women in civil engineering, stating that they see a growing place for women. They also stressed that attitude is as important as skills in the workplace. Ms. Lalli noted, “Bohler has a positive and energetic work environment.”

Thank you to Ms. Rosato and Ms. Lalli and to Bohler Engineering for sharing their expertise with the students of Villa Maria.