Dance Company Visits NYC

By Gretchen Levandusky ’25

Villa Maria Academy’s dance team took a wonderful trip to New York City on Friday, November 19. The dance company took the train into the city and then went to Bryant Park, where Waffles and Dinges was a popular stop for the girls. Continuing their day, a stop at Rockefeller Center to look around and even see the building of the Christmas tree was an exciting part of the trip. After the stop at Rockefeller, the girls made their way down to Radio City Music Hall to watch the Rockettes perform their famous Christmas Spectacular! With amazing front-row seats in the third balcony, the dance company got an amazing view of all that the Rockettes had to offer.

To finish off the day, the dancers went to Hard Rock Cafe to eat delicious dinner before the train ride back home. Sophomore Antonia Topolus says, “I had so much fun in New York! Watching the Rockettes made me realize that I want to keep dancing in my life even when I am an adult!”

The Dance company had lots of fun on their field trip!