Villa Maria Celebrates IHM Sisters on Founders Day

Villa Maria celebrated the IHM Sisters’ Founders Day in an assembly that highlighted faith and fidelity. The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are marking their 175th anniversary.

The presentation highlighted Sr. Anne Marie Lavan and Sr. Kathleen Dunn, who have spent a combined 86 years at Villa Maria! Sr. Anne Marie has been a theology teacher, cheerleader moderator, and development director at Villa, among many other roles. Sr. Kathleen Dunn is a Villa graduate, and has been an English teacher and chair of the department, yearbook moderator, and student activities director.

The program included personal reflections, music, art, and poetry from students and staff about the people and things that inspire faith and fidelity to God and others. As part of the day-long celebration everyone enjoyed a piece of Founders Day cake at lunch.

Villa Maria is grateful for the love, creative hope, and fidelity the IHM Sisters bring to all the members of the members of the school community.