Freshmen Attend Counseling Program on Life Balance

By Sally Jeffries, VMA Counselor

The Class of 2025 was treated to a program on Friday, April 8, called “Balance or Bust!”

The day began with an interactive lecture led by Dr. Scott Glassman, the Director of the Master of Science, Applied Positive Psychology Program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic and author of A Happier You. Dr. Glassman showed the girls how spotlighting positive events, personal strengths, gratitude, love, and lightness in life need to become daily practices. This mindset helps all of us to transform negative thinking into positivity and resilience.

For a taste of “strong body/strong mind,” our students participated in 30 minutes of Zumba, taught by Christie Lawler, followed by 30 minutes of boxing, taught by Jen Crompton. Ms. Lawler is a 2003 VMA Alum who was also a member of the Counseling Department from 2009-2015. Presently she is a Dance and Fitness Instructor at the Desiree Catania Dance Center in Malvern and Carmela’s Dance Studio, and C-Fit Fitness both in Springfield. Ms. Crompton is the owner of FYB: Fuel Your Best, an online platform which offers workouts and workshops to fuel your mind and body.

Lastly, our very own Mrs. Stephanie Taylor and Ms. Theresa Guinta spoke to the students about a “Mind, Body, Spirit” approach to “Wellness: How to achieve it and why they should want to!”