Course Selection Information

Propelled by its mission of educating young women to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and collaborative citizens with strong communication skills, the course of studies is arranged to equip the student with the skills necessary to support that mission and to continue her learning through life.

Villa Maria requires students to meet a sequence of coursework in a canon of subjects: Theology, English, Mathematics, Science, World Language, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Technology, Physical Education and Health & Wellness. Villa Maria students are also required to participate in a Capstone experience that is the broadest application of their learning and research skills. These academic requirements are enhanced by required annual retreats and service learning requirements.

Academic Catalog

The annual Academic Catalog has been prepared to help the student select her courses for the upcoming school year as part of an overall match with college and major interests in preparation for career planning. Decisions are made with the guidance of teachers, counselors, and administrators, and with the approval of parents. The student is expected to continue in those courses for the entire year.

With the tireless efforts of a dedicated faculty, the consistently effective study of the student, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these years at Villa Maria afford an excellent opportunity to build a solid foundation for a successful college education and the attainment of life’s goals.

Topics covered in the Academic Catalog include:

  • Course Selection
  • Course Requests
  • Accreditation And Affiliations
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Course Levels
  • Evaluation System
  • Entrance And Placement Criteria/Determination Of The Curricular Path
  • Intensive Scheduling, Semester Scheduling And Reporting Of Academic Progress
  • Honor Roll
  • Instructional Technology
  • Attendance and Absence Policies
  • Failing Grades And Academic Eligibility
  • Scholars Program
  • J-Term Experience
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Senior Capstone Project
  • Graduation
  • Course Offerings