Counseling and College Counseling

Guidance coursework develops the skills students need to succeed at Villa Maria, in college, and beyond.

Freshman and Sophomore Seminars cover such topics as time management, organizational and study skills, high school life, college preparedness, building a strong college applicant profile, and career choices. Sophomores explore personal, extracurricular and academic interests and the way these relate to various career options.

In junior year, students are enrolled in College Guidance, which covers the entire college application process, including college search, developing of an activities resume, writing the college essay, visiting college campuses, and interviewing. Guidance staff members provide support in making well-informed decisions concerning colleges and their programs.

The Guidance curriculum culminates in the Senior Capstone Project, an inquiry-based experience driven by student interest. It involves critical thinking, investigative research, problem solving, written summary and application of prior and acquired knowledge. Capstone projects may include job shadowing, service work, or a science, creative or physical project.