The World Language Department of Villa Maria recognizes the need for all students to be able to communicate with the global community with cultural competence and understanding. Students must study at least 3 consecutive years of one language (French, Latin, or Spanish), although most students choose to continue their language studies beyond this requirement. The study of a second world language is also available as an elective.

Language Acquisition

The course of study provides the opportunity to meet all aspects of language learning, with an emphasis on interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication. The culture-centered curriculum and learning environment encourage risk-taking and promote problem-solving skills, while cultivating interculturality and global citizenship.

Cultural Competence

Students learn to communicate, explore, and connect across cultures in order to foster attitudes of mutual understanding and respect. They use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between practices, products, and perspectives of the cultures studied and their own.

Authentic Experiences

Students are encouraged to apply their language skills in the classroom setting and beyond. Language is studied in context via authentic, real-life resources, and meaningful experiences so that students become better informed citizens of the world. Opportunities for students to travel and practice the language and culture are provided both locally and abroad.

Language Clubs

The French, Latin, and Spanish Language Clubs promote excellence in the study of world languages and cultivate an interest in and deeper understanding of the history and culture of countries around the world. Membership in each club is open to all interested students.

Language Honor Societies

Villa Maria offers a number of honor societies that recognize overall academic achievement in world languages.

  • French Honor Society. The French Honor Society promotes excellence in the study of French, and cultivates interest in the history and culture of French-speaking countries.
  • Latin Honor Society. The Latin Honor Society deepens the students’ understanding of the Latin Language and the Roman Civilization that is the foundation of our own.
  • Spanish Honor Society. The Spanish Honor  Society  promotes excellence in the study of the Spanish language and encourages interest in the culture and history of Spain and Latin America.

World Language Department Faculty

  • Mrs. Dianne Goddard


    Ext. 1410

    B.A. French

    Rosemont College

    M.B.A. Marketing; Concentration: International Marketing

    Villanova University

  • Ms. Nicole Gargiulo

    Ext. 1140

    B.S. Spanish

    Millersville University

    M.Ed. Spanish

    West Chester University

  • Ms. Belen Medina-Mendoza

    Ext. 1103

    B.A. Pre-Med and Psychology

    University of Puerto Rico and Interamerican Univesity

    M.Ed. Bilingual/Bicultural Education

    Lehigh University

    M.Ed. Instructional Technology (in progress)

    DeSales University

  • Dr. Anthony Tribit

    Ext. 1035

    B. A., French and Spanish

    Gettysburg College

    M.A. Romance Languages

    University of Oregon

    Ph.D. Romance Languages

    University of Oregon

  • Ms. Katlyn Yost

    Ext. 1312

    B.S. Secondary Education World Language; Classical Languages and Literature

    Temple University

    M.A. Classical Studies (In Progress)

    Villanova University

Course Sequence

Languages are assigned by level, not grade. Students are required to complete three consecutive levels of a world language for graduation.

Spanish 1Spanish 2Spanish 3 (CP, H)Spanish 4 (CP, H)
Spanish 5 (H)
AP Spanish Language & Culture
Honors Spanish for Health Care Professionals
French 1
French 2

French 3 (CP, H)French 4 (CP, H)
French 5 (H)
AP French Language & Culture
Latin 1Latin 2Latin 3 (CP, H)Latin 4 (H)
AP Latin