The World Language Department of Villa Maria recognizes the need for all students to be able to communicate with the global community and meet the challenges of the 21st century. Students must study at least 3 consecutive years of one language (French, Latin, or Spanish); although most students choose to continue their language studies beyond this requirement. The study of a second world language is also available as an elective.

Language Acquisition

The course of study provides the opportunity to meet all aspects of language learning, with an emphasis on communication: vocabulary development, grammatical structure, reading and listening comprehension, civilization and culture, literature, composition, and (for the modern world languages) oral proficiency in the target language. The learning environment encourages risk-taking and problem-solving skills.

Cultural Understanding

The culture-centered curriculum encourages an appreciation for diversity, and promotes empathy toward and an understanding of foreign peoples and cultures. Students gain perspective on other cultures so that they may better understand their own.

Authentic Experiences

Students are encouraged to apply their language skills in the classroom setting and beyond. Language is studied in context via authentic, real-life resources, and meaningful experiences so that students become better informed citizens of the world. Opportunities for students to travel and practice the language and culture are provided both locally and abroad.