Social Studies

The role of the Social Studies Department is to make available to the students a body of knowledge that will broaden their educational horizons and strengthen those values that are part of our school community. To these ends we have designed a curriculum that reflects the awareness of the diversity of mankind, the dignity of each person, and the responsibility that young women must exercise in the modern world. The course offerings for the Social Studies Department fulfill the requirements of the state of Pennsylvania for those persons seeking a high school diploma. In addition to the required courses of World Civilization to 1600, American History and Modern European History, our electives give students an opportunity to probe more deeply into the history of the ancient and modern world. Through an examination of other times and places, it is hoped that our young women will develop respect for the role that geography, technology, and diversity play in the study of history; that the study of historical events and peoples will illuminate the pitfalls and perils that have resulted in chaos and catastrophe in order to learn more peaceful methods of dealing with national and world disputes; and finally, that our students will grow in their own faith as they trace the path of mankind’s search for meaning in life.